An incredible open letter to a disabled man considering suicide.

2008-11-17 by

This is one of the most wonderful open letters I’ve ever read in my life. Written by Liz Carr of Ouch!, to me it’s the most effective article about disability issues for a long time.

She has written an open letter to Noel Martin, who in 1996 was attacked by Neo-Nazis and as a result was left paralysed from the neck down. He is planning a trip to Switzerland to commit legal suicide and Liz Carr has written to him to ask him to reconsider.

I am deeply touched by her letter: thank you Liz for doing this on behalf of many disabled people who feel disability can be part of the human condition, that death is not preferable to it. Disability can be lived with if appropriate assistance, technology and professional support are provided.

Dear Noel, I hope you can reconsider too, the world needs you and needs to learn from your life and what happened to you.


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