Sarah's story?

2009-12-06 by

I am appalled at what I feel is a misguided attempt by a charitable organisation to raise funds to help those affected by Motor Neurone Disease Association.

With so many people believing they would be better off dead than disabled, horror-style “awareness” campaigns such as this one alienate disabled people even further from the rest of society.

While I respect that Sarah’s Story might be an accurate portrait of how the protagonist felt when the disease struck, it is only too easy to exploit that to induce pity and guilt in anyone watching the film so they are compelled to donate money to the charity.

Disabled people have enough to deal with without having another “well meaning” charity showing them as being virtually “raped” and helpless victims of their impairment.

Instead of shocking people into donating money, why not show instead how far the charity can make donations go? What is my donation going to achieve: an adapted home? An accessible workplace? A personal assistant to help and support people with the condition when it is needed?

What do people think? Am I alone in thinking that, with all due respect to Sarah’s story, disabled people are not simply helpless victims of their impairment?

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