Your experience with your Member of Parliament as a disabled person

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I’m currently doing some research on a project supported by the Office of Disability issues and I’m looking to hear about disabled people’s experiences in approaching and engaging with their MP or their staff.

If you are a disabled constituent who has been in touch with your local MP, and you have about 10 minutes to spare, can you tell me the following:

1) Why did you decide to contact your MP?

2) How did you start the process? (Did you go on their website, did you email or call them on the phone?)

3) If you used their website as a starting point, did you find it accessible and with access information about their surgeries, meeting places?

4) Who got back to you? (the MP or their staff?)

5) How was the process of setting up the meeting, did they ask you for extra requirement or did you have to tell them?

6) Once you told them your access needs how did the MP or his/her staff go about making it happen?

7) When you got to the meeting, were your access requirements met?

8) How was the MP’s (and that of their staff) attitude towards you, were they patronising/accommodating, relaxed or tense, etc…

9) How did you feel afterwards, did you get the feeling that your MP was able to help you or listen to your concerns?

10) If there was a follow up, did it happen and were you satisfied with the outcome?

Your replies are treated in confidence, so please email me at

No real names will be used. The stories will help to inform the design and development of an e-learning project, aimed at increasing MPs’ awareness and that of their staff.

Many sincere thanks for your help!


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