My question to Oscar Pistorious as published in The Guardian 07.02.2012

2012-02-08 by

Hi Oscar, I was a bit shocked when I saw your London 2012 ad with your photo which said don’t look at his legs, look at his record .

It just felt like such a passe’ 1980s’ slogan! Why would I not want to look at you or your legs? Are you supposed to feel ashamed of your legs?

I ask to the London 2012 advertisers: “Why does Oscar’s impairment or disability have to be separated from his record in order for people to admire him”?

I feel that it’s important not to separate disability from ability and that you have achieved fantastic records because you are who you are: a tenacious, hardworking athlete, a competitive person who happens to have a double leg amputation.

I think it’s important for others with an impairment to see that they should not be ashamed of their disability and that they should be praised or admired as whole persons – impairment included.

Oscar: what do you think?

Looking forward to see you at the Paralympic games!


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